February 9, 2018

Nachtumzug Ochsenhausen

Honestly, I do not understand carnival and many parts of it are - in my personal opinion - simply stupid. However, now and then I like to go to a carnival parade and photograph this happening. This weekend we somehow ended up in the small town of Ochsenhausen which is “close” to Ulm.

The particular difficulty (and beauty) of this parade was that it is a night parade. However, night means slow shutter speeds. And carnival parade means lots of motion and chaos. Not a good combo. So the only option you have is setting focus and shooting mode to continuous and take a lot of pictures and simply hope for the best.

I took 1100 photos in two hours. Yes. 1100. That is ridiculous, I know. And I fear the indigenous peoples of Ochsenhausen will keep telling their kids for decades about the odd man with the camera… Well, I guess I can live with that as I like some of the photos quite a bit.

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