September 11, 2020

Using OneDrive on Mac or Linux for Backups

Recently I discovered that I have access to Office 365 through my university. I am not interested in Office 365 at all, but my subscription includes 5 Terra (yes!) Bytes of OneDrive storage. This has aroused my full interest. But: the official OneDrive client is not really what I want, because I don’t want to synchronize stuff from a folder on my hard drive with OneDrive. I would like to “mount” OneDrive and use a tool, preferably BorgBackup or something similar, to transfer encrypted snapshots to OneDrive. Read more

November 17, 2014

Space-Efficient Hard Drive Images with dd

dd is able to copy every single bit of data from a source volume to some other destination. This is cool for some applications but has drawbacks when you simply want to make a backup of a volume: even when your volume is only -let’s say- half full, the copy will be as big as the entire volume. Furthermore, when you pipe the data stream read by dd through gzip it won’t compress well. Read more

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