April 15, 2021

Shokupan - Japanese Milk Bread

I believe, Shokupan is traditionally used by the Japanese to make very, very, soft, spongy sandwiches. That is not to my taste. I personally like to cut this bread into thick slices and throw it into the toaster. The result is a very crisp slice of bread with a very soft buttery, milky inside. Besides being the best toast bread recipe I know, Shokupan is probably one of the most simple to make bread you can imagine. Read more

January 13, 2021

The Failproof Way of Making Neapolitan-Style Pizza at Home

I am maniacal about pizza. So usually Friday night is pizza night. And as I am a sadistic person I like to post pictures of my pizzas on Twitter to make people hungry and angry (hangry). As a small apology for all the drooling out there, here’s my proven and failproof cheater method of making pizza. I have optimized my method towards a Neapolitan-style pizza that does not require a nuclear-powered 8000°C hot oven and the skills of a pizza ninja. Read more

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