September 8, 2015

Some Shell Scripts for Duplicity

Some days ago I accidentally noticed that my ISP upped the meager free online storage capacity included in my contract to a whopping 1TB. This is finally a size where one can think about backing up data to ’the cloud'. I updated my old duplicity scripts that I did not use for some time and thought I can put them to this place; maybe they are useful to somebody. The files are also available in my github. Read more

May 27, 2015


A while ago I wrote about the combination of encfs, GnuPG and a file synchronization software like OwnCloud. I used this for almost 3 monts and was really happy with it. But suddenly I experienced strange problems: it seemed that encfs was unable to decrypt files. When accessing a file I got something like an input/output error. Interestingly, the affected files were all different ones on my three computers that I synced via this solution. Read more

August 14, 2014


Synthing is a file syncing application that might replace Dropbox and other public Cloud services. In contrast to OwnCloud or Seafile there is no central server. The synchronization is done between equal peers. Well, at least each peer runs the same software. I fiddled around with Syncthing and tried to sync stuff between my two MacBooks. Here the problem is that both computers are rarely running at the same time. So I put a Syncthing instance on my always-on home server and built some kind of a “synchronization star-topology” with a central sync point. Read more

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