April 1, 2015

My Take on the Ubuntu Phone

Since a couple of days I’ve got an Ubuntu Phone, or, to express myself more correctly: an bq Aquaris E4.5 with Ubuntu Touch pre-installed. The hardware is surprisingly cheap (170 EUR) but also surprisingly fine (if you are okay with plastic). But let’s talk about the software: I am not very happy with Ubuntu Touch at the moment as this OS is very unfinished. I really think nobody who does not own a degree in informatics should buy one at the moment. Read more

April 1, 2015

Ubuntu Phone First Configuration

Previously, I’ve written down my first thoughts about the new Ubuntu Phone. In this post I want to explain some first configuration steps: WIFI configuration I had the problem that I couldn’t paste my complicated password into the UI. A work around is the following: Install the Terminal application from the Ubuntu store via the 3G connection. By the way: when the Terminal is started a password is asked. That is your phones lock screen PIN, which is also your root (sudo) password. Read more

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