September 29, 2020

Bavarian Forest

Another short hiking vacation: this time in the Bavarian Forest, where I have not been before. We spent four days in the world-famous metropolis of Lam, which consists almost exclusively of hotels, guesthouses, inns, etc. The whole area seems to have not much industry and infrastructure except tourism. Also, the towns are all rather small and not very interesting. By far the largest city in the region is Deggendorf, which is not a destination of longing, as I know it from many, many, many business trips. Read more

August 16, 2020

Bicycle Tour in the North of Munich

As someone who works in the north of Munich, I recently figured that I do not know the area at all. So I changed this by having a nice trip by bike from my home town through the northern Munich region. Well, I guess, this is one of the mostly known things that we have in Munich. 🌍 Picture location East of the Allianz Arena, there is a vast heathland, the Fröttmaninger Heide. Read more

July 8, 2020

Two Day Bike Tour: Mittenwald -> Bad Tölz -> Munich

Recently, we started to do quite a few and also quite long tours by bike. For this reason, we decided to test if we like long bike tours that span a few days. As we do not have real equipment for such adventures (yet), we arranged a two day test trip from Mittenwald via Bad Tölz back to Munich. Essentially, this is a part of the Isarradweg. There are GPX tracks available on the website of the Isarradweg. Read more

October 27, 2019

Nymphenburg Castle Garden

Munich has a couple of nice castles with nice gardens. The castle gardens of Nymphenburg are pretty cool as there is a lot of water and woods. Also you can walk from this area to the next castle called Bluthenburg, which is a small moated castle. 🌍 Picture location 🌍 Picture location 🌍 Picture location 🌍 Picture location 🌍 Picture location 🌍 Picture location 🌍 Picture location 🌍 Picture location Read more

August 17, 2019

Rothenburg o. d. Tauber and Nuremberg

Three years ago, we went to Franconia for a two day trip to Bamberg and Würzburg. Last weekend we repeated that idea. This time we went to Rothenburg and Nuremberg. People say that Rothenburg is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Germany. So it is not a big surprise that there are incredible numbers of tourists (mostly from Asia). I personally thought that Rothenburg is nice but for some reason I was not too impressed. Read more

June 26, 2019

2 Hours of Leipzig

Two hours between arriving in Leipzig and having the first appointment gave me a bit of time to walk run around town. Quite nice there. Must return some day to visit the Völkerschlachtdenkmal and the Zoo. 🌍 Picture location – Behind Nikolaikirche 🌍 Picture location – Of cause somebody had to built that tent in front of the Alte Handelsbörse… Of cause! 🌍 Picture location – Thomaskirche 🌍 Picture location – Altes Rathaus Read more

September 17, 2018

Regensburg & Walhalla

A 1 1/2 day trip to – as some people claim – the northernmost city of Italy: Regensburg. Well, I do not know if this is really true but I liked the town. Well, Regensburg is pretty small, so – when you just want to walk around town, peek into a church now an then and look shop windows – you need about 6 hours. However, I think it is still worth spending a night or two as you can do some things in the surrounding area: Read more

July 27, 2018

Wallberg & Tegernsee

A quick excursion to the mountains to evade the blazing summer heat in the office. Wallberg The first 800 meters of the ascent to the Wallberg from the valley station of the cable way are not very spectacular as you mostly walk on a quite wide way in the forest. However, the shade is pretty great for hot days and the way I easy to walk. As soon as you reach the Alte Wallberghütte things change and you have wonderful views down to the Tegernsee and other mountains around. Read more

April 8, 2018


Some pictures from the Olympiapark in Munich taken at the first “summer” weekend this year. Sadly, odd winds are currently transporting a lot of dust from the Sahara over the alps up to Germany. For this reason the visibility was not too great. I said the visibility was not that great.

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