March 26, 2019

Playing with WireGuard VPN

Since a couple of years I use OpenVPN to access my home network from remote and also to protect my traffic when I am traveling and have to use WiFi networks I do not completely trust. Unfortunately, the iOS VPN client does not work for me anymore so I needed an alternative. My Fritz Box (German home WiFi router brand) actually supports an IPSec VPN. However, iOS’s VPN client is horrible. Read more

July 21, 2014

Using OpenVPN as a Home Gateway + Internet Gateway

Well, first of all I need to explain my headline: Up to now I operated my OpenVPN Server at home as a gateway into my home network. When I connect a mobile device to the OpenVPN I can use the services I run inside the private home network from remote. All other traffic (surfing the web, mailing, etc.) does not flow over the tunnel. This is in most cases what I want as tunneling EVERYTHING through my Home Server would be quite s l o w. Read more

April 26, 2014

Flashing / Installing an OS on a Cubietruck (Cubieboard 3)

Update (Feb. 2017): The text below got pretty old and I just realized that some hyperlinks did not survive the migration from the Wordpress blog I used ages ago to Hugo… In the meantime, some very good Linux distributions emerged from the community, which are really simple to install. I personally recommend Armbian. My Cubietruck has been running very reliably with this distribution for two years. Furthermore, in case there are issues you cannot solve yourself, the Armbian Forum has been very helpful. Read more

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