July 16, 2021


South Tyrol vacation number four but - surprise - this time not in Schenna/Meran but in Kaltern! I think Kaltern is a quite decent spot for a one week hiking holiday as you can do about 6, 7 hikes starting directly in town. If you want to stay longer, you’ll probably find yourself driving around as your hiking options are depleted… Kaltern → Around the Lake → Kaltern Komoot Link Read more

July 25, 2020

South Tyrol III

Well, … Corona and pretty unsteady weather have caused that we (once again) spent a week in South Tyrol near Meran. Even here, the weather was not as sunny and warm as you would expect for the area at this time of the year. But, it was fine in total… Schenner and Maiser Waalweg to Meran ? I have really managed to forget where these photos were taken. For some reason I was also too lazy to create a GPX track, and … well, you can see what happens :D Read more

October 28, 2018


We spent this year’s autumn vacancies in Sicily and experienced it as a bit difficult, to be honest. The thing I (we) disliked the most on the island was waste. When you are driving around the countryside you find huge piles of waste bags at more or less each parking spot, under each bridge and actually everywhere else, too. Stray dogs rip open the bags and the wind distributes the stuff. Read more

May 13, 2018

South Tyrol Reloaded

Last year’s Christi-Himmelfahrt-weekend-trip to South Tyrol was so enjoyable that we decided to do the very same thing again. So we selected (almost) the same weekend, the same place, the same hotel, even the same room. So this trip felt a bit like coming home ;-) Luckily, we learned from last year’s catastrophic Brenner motorway traffic jams and set off pretty early (4:30 am). We reached our destination Scena (Schenna) already at 8 am without losing only one second in heavy traffic - so getting up early was totally worth the effort! Read more

December 28, 2017

Blast from the past: Sardegna

In autumn 2014 we visited Sardegna for hiking and also a bit for its beaches. For some reason I do not really understand, I almost forgot about this holiday. Recently I watched a TV show which played on the island. This brought back some of my memories and I decided to go through my “old” pictures. Apparently we didn’t have the greatest weather there as most pictures show pretty much haze and dark clouds. Read more

October 14, 2017

Giro d'Italia: My Italian Journey

In this year, we spent our “main” holidays in Northern Italy and Tuscany. More precisely, we followed a route starting in Verona to the lake Como area. Next, we headed south to the Ligurian coast near Genova. We also spent some days in Tuscany in the Sienna area. Finally, we went back to the north and visited Bologna and Venice. Verona Verona is such a nice town. So I am sorry that I start with some photos taken near the Casa di Giulietta, the house where Romeo’s Juliet lived according to the book. Read more

May 29, 2017

South Tyrol

Another short vacation over the long “Christi Himmelfahrt” weekend - this time to Scena (Schenna) in South Tyrol, near Merano (Meran). I haven’t been to South Tyrol for about 20 years and didn’t remember how beautiful this stretch of land is. Definatly a place to come back soon… The only huge drawback I see is the horriffic journey from Munich via Austria (Inntal motorway is limited to 100km/h), the Brenner motorway (the epicenter of traffic jams), and crowded side roads to the final destination. Read more

March 16, 2016


Some photos from our trip to Rome from March 2016! The 3 1/2 days we had in the city were just enough to cover the most important things you “have to” visit: St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums, the archaeological center of Rome (Palatine Hill, Forum Romanum, Colosseum, etc.), the Pantheon and (for Dan Brown readers) the different locations known from Angels & Demons (Illuminati) like Piazza Navona and churches like Santa Maria della Vittoria. Read more

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