January 17, 2020

Paris. Again.

Well, it seems I have developed a certain faible for Paris. However, this time this wasn’t a conference trip with one free afternoon in town but a personal three day holiday. Yay. Special point of interest this time: the Louvre and more precisely: its Leonardo da Vinci exhibition. Day 1. Taking a little walk. 🌍 Picture location – Saint-Étienne-du-Mont 🌍 Picture location 🌍 Picture location 🌍 Picture location – Panthéon Read more

November 1, 2018

Paris Afternoon Walk

At some days you are really lucky… You need to attend a conference in Paris at Wednesday. As the conference starts pretty early in the morning, you must travel to Paris at Tuesday. As all planes except the one leaving Munich shortly after noon are super expensive, you take the cheapest flight and arrive in Paris at early afternoon. And finally the weather is all fine… So I guess it was pretty logical to walk around Paris for three hours and move the final conference preparations to a night shift…

March 15, 2017

Blast from the past: Brittany and Paris

Some more pictures from the past: this time from a road from La Rochelle following the coast to Saint-Malo, Rennes and Nantes. 🌍 Picture location – Wiki-Links: Bistum La Rochelle • Vieux-Port de La Rochelle • La Rochelle • Universität La Rochelle • Fort Louis (La Rochelle) 🌍 Picture location – Wiki-Links: Schloss Nantes • Kathedrale von Nantes • Orgeln der Kathedrale von Nantes • Nantes 🌍 Picture location – Wiki-Links: Orgeln der Kathedrale von Nantes • Kathedrale von Nantes • Nantes • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes • Schloss Nantes Read more

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