February 15, 2015

Update PGP Key

Again some notes, mostly for myself… I wanted to update my both (private/office) 2048-bit GPG keys to a (single) 4096-bit key. Here are some handy commands. Start with generating a new key: gpg --gen-key Select a RSA/RSA 4096 bit key… Edit your new key, add all mail addresses you need. Also set your preferred hash and crypto algorithms. gpg --edit-key NEWKEYID > adduid > ... > setpref SHA512 SHA384 SHA256 SHA224 AES256 AES192 AES CAST5 ZLIB BZIP2 ZIP Uncompressed > quit Make a backup of your new key… Read more

February 12, 2015

Some Notes on GnuPG on Mac

Recently I’m playing a little with GnuPG and I wanted to document some things, mostly for myself… GnuPG on Macs It seems that GnuPG version 2 available in Homebrew is broken. Instead use MacGPG2. If you do not want to compile this by yourself, there is also a handy installer available, which comes with a plugin for Apple Mail and a graphical tool for key management. Command Line Voodoo Creating a signature of a file (= create hash value of file + encrypting hash value with own private key): Read more

August 7, 2014


I found a nice application which might replace email in some time: Bitmessage. Basically, Bitmessage creates a Peer-to-Peer network, i.e., a network of equal participants. The quite interesting feature of this app is that it broadcasts messages to (all) participants in this P2P network. As the message is encrypted with the public key of the intended receiver, only this person is able to decrypt the message. The cool feature now is that nobody knows who was able to decrypt the message. Read more

July 21, 2014

Using OpenVPN as a Home Gateway + Internet Gateway

Well, first of all I need to explain my headline: Up to now I operated my OpenVPN Server at home as a gateway into my home network. When I connect a mobile device to the OpenVPN I can use the services I run inside the private home network from remote. All other traffic (surfing the web, mailing, etc.) does not flow over the tunnel. This is in most cases what I want as tunneling EVERYTHING through my Home Server would be quite s l o w. Read more

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