October 18, 2017

Why I Bought a Sony Alpha 6000 in 2017

Some time ago I bought a Samyang 12mm ƒ2.0 for my Sony Alpha 5100. For those who do not know what the 5100 is: it essentially is a more compact Sony Alpha 6000 without an electronic viewfinder. Buying the 12mm was a huge mistake as it put me into a huge dilemma. I started to like the lens so much that I actually wanted to use it all the time. It is sharp, it renders colors in a nice warm manner and ƒ2.0 is great for not well illuminated areas such as churches, or at night. Despite the lack of an image stabilization system, I never got a shaky image. And I never got one shot which was out of focus, which is surprising, as this is a manual focus lens. In my eyes that lens is superbe (minus some glare when the sun gets in the way). Read more

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