May 13, 2018

South Tyrol Reloaded

Last year's Christi-Himmelfahrt-weekend-trip to South Tyrol was so enjoyable that we decided to do the very same thing again. So we selected (almost) the same weekend, the same place, the same hotel, even the same room. So this trip felt a bit like coming home ;-) Luckily, we learned from last year's catastrophic Brenner motorway traffic jams and set off pretty early (4:30 am). We reached our destination Scena (Schenna) already at 8 am without losing only one second in heavy traffic - so getting up early was totally worth the effort! Read more

May 29, 2017

South Tyrol

Another short vacation over the long “Christi Himmelfahrt” weekend - this time to Scena (Schenna) in South Tyrol, near Merano (Meran). I haven't been to South Tyrol for about 20 years and didn't remember how beautiful this stretch of land is. Definatly a place to come back soon… The only huge drawback I see is the horriffic journey from Munich via Austria (Inntal motorway is limited to 100km/h), the Brenner motorway (the epicenter of traffic jams), and crowded side roads to the final destination. Read more

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