July 10, 2017

Hosting Nextcloud on a nginx Web Server

A good while ago I ditched my so-far preferred file-synchronization solution Syncthing for Nextcloud. The reason for this step was that Syncthing behaved in odd ways quite often: sometimes it didn’t find content that should be synced, at other days the sync process got stuck and wouldn’t complete. I really got annoyed fixing my Syncthing cluster manually almost weekly and started to play with Nextcloud. I decided not to have just one Nextcloud instance, but two: one instance on a public vServer (Debian Jessie; mostly to sync calendars and contacts between Mac OS and iOS devices, and sharing files with others), the other instance (Ubuntu 16. Read more

May 27, 2015


A while ago I wrote about the combination of encfs, GnuPG and a file synchronization software like OwnCloud. I used this for almost 3 monts and was really happy with it. But suddenly I experienced strange problems: it seemed that encfs was unable to decrypt files. When accessing a file I got something like an input/output error. Interestingly, the affected files were all different ones on my three computers that I synced via this solution. Read more

August 14, 2014


Synthing is a file syncing application that might replace Dropbox and other public Cloud services. In contrast to OwnCloud or Seafile there is no central server. The synchronization is done between equal peers. Well, at least each peer runs the same software. I fiddled around with Syncthing and tried to sync stuff between my two MacBooks. Here the problem is that both computers are rarely running at the same time. So I put a Syncthing instance on my always-on home server and built some kind of a “synchronization star-topology” with a central sync point. Read more

May 8, 2014

Encrypt webdavfs

In my last post I described how it is possible to combine several cloud storage spaces into one logical storage space. An article I recently read about encfs popped into my head and I had the idea to combine this with the “super storage space” (S3) created during my break this noon :D prepare your S3 as described in the last post. I guess it’s a good idea to mount the individual webdavfs to /media/. Read more

May 8, 2014

Logically Combining Several Free Cloud Storage Spaces Into One

I know a couple of free of cost online storage options. The Telekom Mediencenter is one of them which gives you decent 25GB of storage. A big bonus is that you can mount that thing as a webdavfs in Linux. Combined with the tool duplicity and cron you can build yourself a nice and encrypted backup system using the Mediencenter. But to be honest: even 25GB are pathetic today. So we need more space. Read more

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