January 2, 2017

Automatic Renewal of Let's Encrypt Certificates

Since a couple of months I deliver all my websites by HTTPS only. Certificates are issued by Let’s Encrypt and I use Certbot as a certification client (hope that is the correct word). This works quite well, actually. However, the certificates from Let’s Encrypt have one drawback: they expire after 90 days. Hence, you need to renew the certificate now and then. The description from the Certbot page does not work for me as the renew verb of the certbot command would create one certificate (with many common names) for all pages served by the server. Read more

February 12, 2016

Checking a Web Server's TLS Configuration

Yesterday I reinstalled my virtual server and also created a new configuration for the Apache web server that fixed some issues of the old one. I also wanted to know how well the Apache is configured regarding the security of TLS. Some days earlier, I stumbled upon SSL Labs, a site offering some automatic checks regarding certificate, server configuration and the used server software itself. Seems the server is quite fine. Read more

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