May 8, 2014

Encrypt webdavfs

In my last post I described how it is possible to combine several cloud storage spaces into one logical storage space. An article I recently read about encfs popped into my head and I had the idea to combine this with the “super storage space” (S3) created during my break this noon :D

  1. prepare your S3 as described in the last post. I guess it’s a good idea to mount the individual webdavfs to /media/.slices/sX where X is some number. Mount the combined thing to /media/.slices/encryptedS3. 

  2. create a folder /media/S3 and execute: 

    encfs /media/.slices/encryptedS3 /media/S3

encfs requires some setup. Select the paranoia mode (p) and provide a nice password you created with some pseudo random number generator. /media/S3 is now kind of an “encrypted super storage space” :) 

Everything you put there will be first encrypted by encfs, then distributed to one of the Cloud storage mount points by mhddfs and finally uploaded by webdav to the Cloud. 

I guess we have reached nerd level 7.5/10 with this.

Performance? Well, … navigating through the folder structure is a pain. But other file operations work surprisingly quick. 

Update: After playing with this yesterday for a while I wasn’t too sure if that thing really runs smoothly and reliably. I guess that’ll need a little more research before you can use it for “production”.

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