May 8, 2014

Logically Combining Several Free Cloud Storage Spaces Into One

I know a couple of free of cost online storage options. The Telekom Mediencenter is one of them which gives you decent 25GB of storage. A big bonus is that you can mount that thing as a webdavfs in Linux. Combined with the tool duplicity and cron you can build yourself a nice and encrypted backup system using the Mediencenter. But to be honest: even 25GB are pathetic today. So we need more space. I came up with this working idea

  1. get another account of your Cloud storage provider of choice
  2. mount this store to a mount point of your choice
  3. repeat steps 1 and 2 until satisfied (or bored)
  4. install the tool mhddfs
  5. type mhddfs mountpoint1,mountpoint2,…,mountpointn bigfatmountpoint

Eh voila:

root@server:~$ df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
... 25G 1,6G 24G 7% /media/s1 25G 0 25G 0% /media/s2 25G 0 22G 0% /media/s3
/media/s1;/media/s2;/media/s3 75G 1,6G 74G 1% /media/sCombine

The webdavs are combined to one logical “volume” which gives you loads of backup space. Very nice. 

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