August 14, 2014


Synthing is a file syncing application that might replace Dropbox and other public Cloud services. In contrast to OwnCloud or Seafile there is no central server. The synchronization is done between equal peers. Well, at least each peer runs the same software.

I fiddled around with Syncthing and tried to sync stuff between my two MacBooks. Here the problem is that both computers are rarely running at the same time. So I put a Syncthing instance on my always-on home server and built some kind of a “synchronization star-topology” with a central sync point. Well, so you could say that you still have some kind of a server… My impression of the software, which has currently version 0.9.something, is that it is not yet production ready. There are some strange SSL bugs when you set the WebUI to HTTPS (you control Syncthing over a WebUI or alternatively a config file) and sometimes, when you restart one instance, it crashes, leaving some half-dead process behind. A “killall syncthing” helps in this case.

However, I like it. It might replace my half-manual file sync solution I built with unison in some time.

*** Update (2016-02): Syncthing is my main file sync tool meanwhile. Very reliable so far! ***

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