January 29, 2015

Python on iOS

Yesterday I stumbled upon something quite amazing: in the Apple App Store there is an App called Pythonista that

  • runs/interprets Python 2.7 scripts,
  • offers an Python IDE,
  • offers some modules which give your Python apps access to iOS functions, e.g., location, camera, …

My first impression of the app was quite spoiled because the App does not provide any import function for your Python scripts. For instance, you put your Python script in your Dropbox, select the file and press “open in”. Nope. There’s also no integrated function that allows access to Dropbox. And you can’t copy scripts via iTunes into the app. Apparently, such things are against the App Store rules.

But: there’s a Python app for that. Just copy this one-file Python WebDAV server via mail, notes or whatever into an empty Pythonista script. Save. Run. Connect you Mac/PC to the address displayed on the iOS device. Upload/download/modify your scripts to/from/on the iOS device.

More to come soon…

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