October 6, 2020

Fixing an Update Issue of Command Line Tools on MacOS Catalina

My homebrew had some issues with an outdated version of Command Line Tools (CLT). I tried to update the CLT manually using sudo xcode-select --install but the installer told me, that CLT could not be found on the Apple servers. Strange.

I tried uninstalling CLT with sudo rm -rf /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools (this is Apple’s intended way of uninstalling the stuff) and installing it again with sudo xcode-select --install. Same situation.

Now I rebooted the machine. Once the machine was up and running, the software updater offered an update for CLT. Wait? Didn’t I uninstall this a second ago? Well, I tried updating CLT with the updater, but this failed miserably. So don’t do this.

Reboot again, just in case. Download CLT from the Apple Developer website and install CLT manually from the package you just downloaded.

Reboot again. Things should be back to normal. Even the strange CLT update in the software updater has vanished.

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