Tools and Services

Some mostly open source tools and free services that I like to use for doing my daily stuff. As I use Mac and Linux, you’ll only find Mac and Linux tools.

File Sync

  • Nextcloud
    • syncs files between Mac, Windows, Linux; requires a modestly complex web server installation
    • apps for smart phones can access files via WebDAV
    • powerful web interface
    • plugins add many interesting functions like CardDAV/CalDAV server
  • Syncthing
    • syncs files between Mac, Windows, Linux; easy to configure
    • starts a server on machine, UI is served via a web browser



  • Joplin
    • a note taking and to-do application with synchronization capabilities for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS
    • requires some kind of file sync solution like Nextcloud
    • mobile apps interface via WebDAV
    • uses Markdown syntax, which is awesome


  • Pandoc + Markdown
    • Pandoc converts simple Markdown documents to presentation slides, documents, letters, etc.
    • target file formats include pdf, docx, …
    • might require the installation of Latex and other supplementary tools
    • Mac, Linux
  • Draw IO
    • actually an online tool, also available for the desktop


  • Hugo
    • converts .md files to a static website
    • command line tool; Mac, Linux
    • site can also be deployed with Gitlab and Netlify (also see this post)
  • Gitlab
  • Netlify
    • online service that pulls a Hugo website project automatically from Gitlab, converts the project to a static website, and serves this site



Other Tools and Helpers

  • Amphetamine
    • Prevents that your Mac goes to sleep
    • Good for long downloads or when you’re holding a lecture…
    • search for Amphetamine in the AppStore
  • Rectangle
    • Know Spectacle? Rectangle is Spectacle’s successor
    • Snappy windows for the Mac; also allows to move around windows with the keyboard

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